Spike Alerts

ODMAP is a system designed to provide vital information to relevant stakeholders in real time. Spike alerts can be set-up to notify an agency by email, if the total overdoses in an area exceeds a pre-determined threshold within a 24-hour period. Spike alerts can be established for an agency’s own county, as well as nearby or neighboring counties. By establishing spike alerts for nearby counties, the program can serve as an early warning feature; if a spike in overdoses occurs in a neighboring area, officials can anticipate a spike in their area and prepare.

In order to support the needs of our community, the W/B HIDTA public health analysts developed a Spike Response Framework which is designed to provide guidelines and promising practices, from peers across the country, in working through an overdose spike.

The figure below displays how ODMAP can be utilized to rapidly respond to spikes in overdoses.

Spike Alerts

Agencies are able to create Spike Alerts based on a either a recommended threshold generated by the system or using a number of there own choosing. These alerts can be sent to emails specified by the agency and when a spike does occur, it is tracked by the system and will appear in the Spike Alert History when it is over. Agencies can also create Spike Alerts for an entire state, allowing them to be notified if a spike occurs in any of the participating counties for that state. There is also that ability to create alerts for when an overdose has been entered into the system, based on state, coutnty, and incident type.